About Us

We take pride in developing professionals for multiple job streams through detailed and systematic training. We believe that passion for work leads to success and so, we have designed our courses to instil such a passion in the students, making them ready to contribute to the ever-changing industries.


"Our vision is to improve land survey knowledge for the students and we create best opportunities for their success"

  • Every industry is changing day-by-day. Our philosophy is to address this change by meeting its personnel requirements. Hence we give our students a strong foundation of knowledge, where we build skills through focussed courses and personalised care. Additionally, we emphasise on the importance of communication skills and have programmes to develop it.


" Our mission is to make a constructive difference in the world through the right way of education and creating able professionals. "

  • It is our goal to educate our students with a keen awareness of the future engineering and energy needs of the world.
  • This Institute is committed to ensuring excellence through high-quality learning for the students.
  • To motivate the student’s manifold demands of technological efficiency needed in the fields of land survey and mapping For an innovative, practical oriented teaching methods and better atmosphere in the institution.
  • We develop the technological advance and build the perfect skill to the student at the right time contributing to the industrial and national growth.